The Egyptians believed gold had healing properties and, as you may already know, it was said Cleopatra wore gold masks at night while sleeping. This is what kept her looking beautifully youthful.

Now, I am sure you have noticed, that gold has become increasingly popular to add to skincare products. Gold does have its benefits, keep reading to find out what they are.

Sheep placenta has been used for years by the Chinese, Japanese, and South Koreans. They would use the placenta extracts for the healing properties. They also believed it could influence cells to act younger.

There have been some studies conducted proving its benefits, I will get to those shortly, so keep reading.

What are the benefits of gold?

For starters, gold activates basal skin cells and as a result, there isImage of woman pulling at gold mask on face an increase in the elasticity of your skin.

Next, it is an antioxidant that will serve as protection from free radicals. Free radicals basically make you age faster.

Gold has anti-inflammatory properties and, in fact, a type of gold called colloidal gold is used by doctors as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. It makes sense this would make it great for those who suffer from acne and rosacea!

The breakdown of collagen and elastin is prevented by gold.

Lightening of the complexion may be achieved by the use of gold.

What are the benefits of sheep’s placenta?

Even though it does sound really gross, placenta extracts have been used for hundreds of years as a natural source for healthier and younger-looking skin.

The Chinese used the extracts for centuries to promote wound healing.

Sheep’s placenta is a plentiful source of peptides and can be taken as a supplement and in turn, will stimulate peptide production.

The stem cells from the placenta promote collagen production and increase elasticity.

This stuff is even a great source of hyaluronic acid, so, with all of these benefits, it is gonna firm, lift, and hydrate your skin.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that had both of these in it?

Well, I have some awesome news! There is!

What products have gold and sheep’s placenta?

CiCi Care products were formerly only available in Australia, but now you can get them in the U.S.

First, they have the Advanced Repair Gold Essence which contains Bird’s Nest, Hyaluronic Acid, Sheep’s Placenta, and 24K Gold.

Bird’s Nest has a reputation for maintaining youthfulness and enhancing the complexion.

The next product they offer is  Advanced Repair Serum. Apparently, this is so potent, you use it for 4 weeks once a year!

They have put 10 anti-aging ingredients in this one and they are going to smooth, lift, firm, and repair your skin.

Their products are safe for women and men with all skin types.

They also don’t test on animals.


Gold and sheep placenta are 2 powerful ingredients you should definitely consider adding to your skincare. Instead of searching for them separately, CiCi Care has added them together for you.

They are so confident in their products, they have a money-back guarantee or even a sample you can order.

You can give them a try here!

Read about another great product called Neolastin.

Feel free to leave me some comments below.

4 thoughts on “How Do Gold and Sheep’s Placenta Keep Skin Youthful?

  1. Thank you for your interesting article. It really amazing how different things you would never think of can be used in beauty products. Gold and sheep’s placenta, who knew? I would have enjoyed more pictures throughout the article to get more of an idea of the product though. It would also be nice to hear some reviews of customers who have tried this product before before taking the plunge to try it myself.

    1. I wanted to place more pictures of the product but was unable to do so. Feel free to click on any link or the picture of the product and the website has pictures of results and reviews. Thank you for visiting!

  2. The one advice I can give you is that the font on your article is too big so you might want to work on it as it may drive customers away from your website. Other than that, this is a well written article so thank you for this. I will be sure to share it around. 

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