Roller ToolOnce you get your daily routine down, more than likely you will start looking for what more you could possibly do for your skin. Well, I have some ideas below to help you out!


I know that there are a ton of facial masks to choose from, but I am going to simplify this for you and tell you about my favorite, the sheet mask. Now when I go for a sheet mask I choose the ones with 2 main ingredients: Collagen and vitamin C.

These two skin-loving ingredients are really the best for aging skin.  Vitamin C brightens and encourages collagen production and the collagen helps plump and firm.

I also love the fact that you pat any residue left on your face into your skin, you don’t have to rinse it off.


Some people go to have this done professionally, but it can easily be done at home!  What this does is remove any peach fuzz you may have and also dead skin cells.  This instantly reveals smoother, brighter skin.

Your skin may be red after, but this is normal and no cause for concern, it will fade shortly. You may be tempted to apply some kind of product to your face but don’t! It could clog your pores. Wait a little while before applying anything.


There are some massage techniques that either you can have done or save your money and do yourself. These massages help the blood flow to your face which in turn increases your own collagen production. They also help in toning up your facial muscles, which will help the nice youthful lift.

I will be demonstrating how to do your own massages in videos at a later date.  For now, you can go here.

At-Home Devices

Nowadays there is so much more that can be done at home that you did have to go to a professional to get done. You can go to your local Walmart and buy a couple of these such as the cleansing brush and a microdermabrasion handset.

You can also purchase a radiofrequency handset for use at home.

Read my posts on microdermabrasion and radiofrequency for more information.


Some people may think that they want more of maybe an “instant” result, and this is an option.  I have written a post on this as well, and it contains some valuable information that you may want to know before making this decision.

If you were wondering if you could do more to help your skin I hope this has helped. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

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