If you have read any of my other articles, you should know I am a big fan of LED products for skincare. To be honest, though, I wasn’t at first.

In fact, I was a bit skeptical.

However, the more I found out about how LED works, the more eager I became to get my hands on an LED mask.

And I did! 

Did it deliver the results promised? This is my review of Mask & Glo 7.0.

Mask & Glo 7.0

Mask & Glo Parts

First, they shipped it in a regular box, but it also came in a neat little square box. It’s great for storing the mask when I am not using it.

Mask Parts:

1. Face Piece

2. Neck Piece

3. Remote

4. 2 Cords to connect mask pieces to remote

5. Plug

It’s simple to put together. You can choose to connect the neckpiece or leave it off and just use the face piece.


Most of these types of masks usually have only two options, red and blue, in LED colors. However, this mask is unique and offers a choice of 7 colors. Each color offers a different benefit for your skin.

Red stimulates collagen and elastin, Blue fights acne and calms redness and irritation, Yellow fades sun damage and age spots, Blue-Green soothes skin, Purple fights acne, sagging, and inflammation, Green balances oily skin and reduces melanin, and White penetrates the deepest and is the ultimate repair.

Using the remote, you can choose which color you want to use, how long you want to use it, how strong you want the LED lights to be, and whether or not you want the lights to flicker.

When you choose a flicker option, you can also have the option for it to flicker using all the colors.

Face Piece

Inside of face and neckpiece

To be honest, this isn’t the most comfortable mask to wear, but it’s not the most painful thing we can do to look younger either! Besides, there are ways you make it a little more comfortable if it’s too bothersome.

One way I like is using the Hydrogel Masks under the Mask & Glo, which they encourage to speed up results. You can also place cotton balls in any pressure areas.

Tip: They often run out of Hydrogel Masks, but Neutrogena Hydrogel Masks are a great substitute.

The Masks & Glo has openings around the eyes and mouth areas and rubber-like pieces around the inside of the eye areas to shield your eyes from lights.

It also has a head strap to help hold the mask in place.

There is a notch at the bottom of the mask to attach the neckpiece.

How to use the mask

Even though it came with more pieces than I expected, it’s very simple to use.

You will connect the face piece and neckpiece to their cords and then connect the other end of the cords to the remote. If you only want to use the face mask, then you don’t have to connect the neckpiece and can just set it aside.

You will then plug in the adapter to the remote and plug in the mask.

It will beep and show “30” on the screen, which is the timer. You will use the arrows on the remote to increase or decrease the time. 

The middle button on the remote controls the color. You just push it to get to the color you desire.

The top button controls if you want it to flash, and how fast you want it to flash. Remember, with the flash option, you can have it flash through all the colors. When setting the color, it will show C8 on the screen.

The bottom button controls the intensity of the lights and goes up to 9.

How does LED work?

First of you should know this technology came from NASA, so it has to work.

LED lights are used in different frequencies or wavelengths which are not ultraviolet and readily absorbed into your skin.

The red, or infrared, frequency treats the outer layer of skin by absorbing the light and stimulating the production of collagen. With more collagen comes more youthful-looking skin. Red light also reduces inflammation and increases circulation.

Blue light calms the oil glands in your skin and kills the acne-causing bacteria on your skin. Therefore, blue light helps treat acne, can decrease scarring, and promotes anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

Does the mask actually work?

When I first received the mask, I was using it for 30 minutes every other day. I did this for about one month. The first change I noticed in my skin was it looked and felt softer.

So, I decided, if I wanted more dramatic results, then I would use it every day for 15-30 minutes for almost 2 months.

That was when I noticed even more improvement!

My skin looks healthier, fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing, and it even has a glow!

To be completely honest, I had been a smoker for the first 2 months of using the mask. During the last month of use, I quit smoking and saw the most improvement.

And it keeps looking better!

Side by side comparison of my results

Yes, the mask works!

So, if you are looking for a way to have healthier and younger-looking skin without spending a fortune, then you need to head over to LED Esthetics and get yourself one of these masks ASAP!

Don’t forget to grab some Hydrogel Masks for even quicker results.

I took the first picture on January 16th of this year and the second on March 6th. 

Radiofrequency is a great way to look younger as well. 

Let me know your experience with LED in the comments.

10 thoughts on “LED Esthetics Mask & Glo Review/ Does It Deliver Promised Results?

  1. I have been using the mask for around 3 to 4 weeks now. I generally use the red light and wear it for 10 to 20 mins, nearly everyday. It’s really relaxing, so I just put it on, turn it on and lay back. It has definitely reduced the redness on my cheeks!!!!

    1. I am glad to hear you are seeing results. You should take a picture and then take another after 3 months’ use then compare them side by side.
      You can really see the difference then!
      When I first got mine, I was using it for 30 minutes every day. I still use mine almost everyday, but the times vary as to how long.

  2. I am amazed by the information you have provided in this article about the LED Esthetics Mask & Glo 7.0. I have heard about LED products for skincare before, but I had no idea that they offer so many benefits for the skin. It’s fascinating to know that this mask offers a choice of 7 colors, each with its own specific benefit for the skin. I appreciate how you have provided a detailed description of the Mask & Glo 7.0, including its parts and functions. It’s helpful to know that it’s simple to put together and that you can choose to connect the neckpiece or leave it off and just use the face piece. Your review of the mask is very informative, and it has made me more eager to try it out for myself. I am excited to see if it delivers the promised results, and I am grateful for your honest review of the product. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Mask & Glo 7.0. Your article has been a great resource for me, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

  3. Wow, what an eye opening article and one that’s a little creepy at that! I am always leery of these type of products every time my wife brings one home.

    She is addicted to botox and doesn’t seem to care about any side-effects that may occur so perhaps this mask would be a better option.

    I read that got are a believer in the technology but I’m curious, are there any real side-effects of this treatment compared to other options?

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