Getting older is a gift but the majority of the symptoms that come with it are not. Even though getting older is inevitable, feeling old does not have to be. Science has not yet found a way to stop your body from aging but it has found a way to slow it down.

If you were able to counteract aging, would you?

What is spermidine?spermidine molecule

Spermidine is naturally occurring and is found in all plants and animals, and nearly every cell in your body. It has a very important role in cell function and survival; stimulating autophagy. Also, it is a very small molecule which makes it easily absorbed to be used where it is needed.

Autophagy is the renewal process of breaking down and getting rid of cellular waste. This process is what keeps your cells young and protects you from several diseases.

The term autophagy is derived from ancient Greek and basically means eating of self, which is way more beneficial than it sounds. Let me explain.

Cells are the basic unit of life. Throughout your young life, your cells are able to break down and recycle any cell components that may be damaged or defective. This keeps cellular waste from building up.

Think of it like this, how would you feel if waste builds up in your gut? Sluggish and not very well, right? Even though I am not a doctor, it does seem like basically the same concept.

So, keeping autophagy optimized is pretty important for your body.

As you age, like everything else, your spermidine levels drop, therefore, autophagy will slow as well.

What are the benefits of spermidine?

energetic older couple on beach

The main benefit of spermidine would, of course, be delaying effects of aging.

As you age, your cells will age as well. The build-up of dead and toxic matter can occur from old or damaged cells. If this “waste” continues to accumulate, it can lead to age-related diseases or injury.

Spermidine stimulates autophagy which equals cell renewal. Since your cells are able to continually renew the way are supposed to, it’s going to increase longevity.

Spermidine is also anti-inflammatory by suppressing the production of pro-inflammatory mediators and cytokines.

Brain health and cognitive function are also improved with spermidine supplementation. Learning, memory, and age-related changes are improved because of the role it plays in cell growth and survival.

Heart health is improved by allowing your body to produce new mitochondria in heart cells. Spermidine also prevents plaque buildup.

Spermidine helps with weight loss by improving insulin resistance and metabolic endotoxemia. It also has the ability to trick your body into thinking you are fasting.

Studies have also shown spermidine lengthens the hair growth cycle by directly impacting the growth, cycling, keratin expression, and certain functions of hair follicles. In other words, it helps with hair loss.

The production of collagen, elastin and other lipids is increased which improves the skin barrier and health. Spermidine is secreted onto the skin through the skin’s natural bacteria.

There have also been studies showing a link between spermidine intake and a reduction in the risk of cancer.

What foods contain spermidine?wheat germ

Have you noticed that Mediterranean people tend to be healthier and live longer? That is because the Mediterranean diet mainly consists of foods that are rich in spermidine.

Well, it’s one of the reasons anyway.

Foods containing spermidine include cauliflower, oranges, shiitake mushrooms, wheat germ, grapefruit, soy products, legumes, whole grain, corn, chickpeas, green peppers, broccoli, green tea, rice bran, and mature cheeses.

I know out of that list, I would probably have a hard time getting enough spermidine in my diet! So, taking a supplement works just as well because the synthetic is identical to the naturally occurring molecule.

Does spermidine have any side effects?

There are no known side effects and it has been tolerated very well in studies.

Spermidine is safe. It is naturally made in the body and is a natural part of any diet.

If you are going to start a supplement, as with any supplement, you may want to talk to your doctor.


The reason for me to include fasting in this post is because it is said spermidine mimics the results of fasting. Autophagy is increased with fasting, so, it goes to reason the benefits would be the same.

The concept of fasting is that when it doesn’t have to use energy on digesting food, then it can use that energy to clean, heal, and dispose of waste from the cellular level.

As you have already learned, the benefits include a longer lifespan, weight loss, improves heart health, lowers blood sugar, and improves skin health.

eat and fast clock

Types of Fasting

5:2 Diet This is where you will eat normally (but healthy) for 5 days of the week and then restrict calories to 500-600 for 2 days.

Alternate Day Fasting You will fast every other day.

Time Restricted Eating You will fast every day for 12 hours or more. The most popular is fasting for 16 hours and then eating in the 8-hour window.

Eat Stop Eat Fast for 24 hours once or twice a week.

The Warrior Diet With this one you will eat small amounts of raw fruits and vegetables and then a large meal at night.

Who should not try fasting?

While it may seem like common sense, I figure these are worth mentioning anyway.

Fasting is not a good idea for those who may be trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, have a history of eating disorders, take medication for diabetes, or take several meds for various other reasons.

Of course, have a chat with your physician to see if fasting is alright for you.

Can you take spermidine while fasting?

Yes. It will complement your fasting.

Remember, though, spermidine mimics fasting, so, on the days you don’t want to fast, the spermidine will make your body think you are anyway!

Fun Fact: Guess where spermidine got its name.

Semen. That is where it was first found even though it is in almost every cell in your body.

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your longevity and your health overall, start taking a spermidine supplement or fasting, or both. For a spermidine supplement in the purest and clean form, spermidineLife is the best recommendation.

The company, Longevity Labs, employs some of the most talented scientists and researchers who are experts on aging. This company is the first to offer pure and natural spermidine in supplement form.

So, are you ready to start aging younger?

Let me know your experience in the comments below. If you have any questions, you can ask them below or email me directly. I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “This Supplement May Actually Counteract Aging

  1. Hi

    Thanks for sharing the post regarding anti-aging product. I have learned about  Spermidine which seems effective and useful . It has so many benefits .  I  didn’t  use any anti-aging  product before . I usually use green tea for anti-aging and fasting . 
    Well I will recommend this product to friends and family . 
    Do we need to consult any doctor before taking this supplement?


    Mrs SJ

    1. If you have any health concerns, you should consult with your doctor. Usually adding a supplement isn’t a big deal but it doesn’t hurt to ask first. Thanks!

  2. I am all about looking and feeling healthy.  My struggle is keeping a consistent regiment.  The talk of the town lately is Royal Jelly.  Have tried any of the royal jelly products.  Studies done on royal jelly and skin show that it contains nutrients, minerals and antioxidants which support skin renewal and boost the production of collagen. This property is what has led to the wide use of royal jelly in most anti-wrinkle skin creams and age defying eye creams.

  3. Wow! This was an interesting article.  I really have never heard of spermidine before reading this, but the benefits sound amazing.  So often when I read an article like this there is a sales pitch for an overpriced supplement, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the recommendation of real foods that boost Spermidine in the system.  Thank you for sharing.  

    1. I am glad you found value in it! When I come across anything that looks promising for anti-aging, I certainly pass it along! Thank you!

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