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On October 28, 2021, Pure Beauty Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary in London. The best in beauty awards are given to products in categories such as skincare, haircare, fragrances, and the category this post is about, the Best New Anti-Aging Product(s).

There were also awards for Best New Premium Anti-Aging Product and Best New Ultra-Luxe Anti-Aging Product. The awards were broken up into Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Commended. In this post, I am going to tell you about the products that won the Gold Award.

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Best New Anti-Aging Product

Paula’s Choice Niacinamide 20% Treatment won the Gold in this category. Niacinamide is pretty much the big name for vitamin B3. Niacinamide 20% image

This treatment is for shrinking those large pores and fading those dark spots. Also, if you have skin that feels like an orange peel or any stubborn oil-related bumps, this treatment is perfect for you.

There is Paula’s Choice 10% for those that only have problems with large pores and an uneven skin tone.

Best New Premium Anti-Aging Product

Super Facialist Hexapeptide-9 Anti-Aging Advanced Extra-Firming Serum(WOW that’s a mouthful!) was the Gold winner in this category. Hexapeptide 9 image

This serum targets all those signs of aging. Made with Camelina Seed Oil, this serum improves hydration in the skin and also helps support the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Super Facialist is currently unavailable through Amazon but can be found at,, and

Best New Ultra-Luxe Anti-Aging Product

Skin W1 London, Collagen Stimulating Serum won the Gold in this category. The cost of this serum is 95 pounds in the UK, which is $129.77 in US dollars.

This serum contains 2% Copper Amino Acid Complex, which has been shown to stimulate collagen production and diminish the look of fine lines.Collagen Stimulating Serum image

Potent antioxidants in this serum will give you plumper, brighter, and smoother skin. It can only be purchased at or exclusively in-store at Harrods.

Similar To The Best

Now, I do realize that the Best New Ultra-Luxe serum is pretty pricey, so I did some research to find something similar to that product.

In the Ultra-Luxe, the closest I could find is Collagen Peptide Complex Serum. Collagen peptides are easier for your skin to absorb, so this will boost your collagen production and smooth your fine lines and wrinkles. Also contains hyaluronic acid.

To find out more about collagen peptides, read What’s the Big Deal with Collagen?

Another brand I think is worthy of some attention is RoC. This brand does seem to be stepping up its game, especially with the hyaluronic acid and retinol capsules.

In a clinical study of the Multi Correxion Hyaluronic Acid Night Serum Capsules, 100% had visibly reduced lines and wrinkles in a week. In four weeks 91% had firmer-looking skin.

The RoC Retinol Correxion Line Smoothing Night Retinol Serum has shown, in a clinical study, that 97% had smoother skin after just one night! After one week, the skin was 63% more hydrated and visibly firmer by 30% in four weeks!


No matter which product is listed here, you are going to have some awesome results with either. You can try one or all!

Find out how to have a great routine for glowing skin.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions!

4 thoughts on “Winners Of Pure Beauty Awards 2021 In The Anti Aging Category

  1. Hi Cosmetics Business:

    I did not know there were  Beauty Awards. Still, I am glad there is, recently my eyes sure go in the antiaging category. Skin being the largest organ in the human body, these products have always been at the top, mainly in women’s hands. Don’t think we men don’t try to keep young also. I see great potential in this event; nice product description, getting to know about the pure beauty awards made my day. Also, getting to know what to look for in each product, beauty is not cheap.

  2. I have heard good comments about Super Facialist. And now I see you have included it in your list. I would like to give this serum a try. I will go over to Amazon and check their price and compare it with Ultra. For me buying at Amazon is convenient so if there price is similar, I’ll go with Amazon.

    1. The Super Facialist line isn’t available through Amazon right now for some reason. The brand has several products that look interesting!

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