What is a Facial Massage?

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Well, it is exactly what it sounds like, a massage for your face. If you want a more specific definition, it is the manipulation of the facial skin and muscles using your hands and fingers or a tool.

You can go to a professional or learn to do it yourself. Keep reading to find out how!

What are the benefits of a facial massage?

Since it is considered being an alternative to Botox, I would say the benefits should be pretty good, right?

I will let you be the judge of that, so let me tell you what they are!

1. Tone Facial Muscles and Relieve Tension

Have you ever noticed yourself clenching your jaws or squeezing your eyebrows together when you’re mad?

Well, a facial massage works the same way as a body massage by relieving this tension.

2. Release Toxins

With facial massage, draining your lymph nodes will be included in some moves you or the professional will perform. If you are doing it yourself, I have some moves below to help you.

Giving those lymph nodes some help with draining will keep the puffiness down.

3. Increased Circulation

The massaging and manipulation will cause a rush of blood flow. With more blood going to your face, you will be getting more nutrients and oxygen.

The best part, in my opinion, is the increase in collagen production. If you have read any of my other posts, you should know collagen is what plumps and lifts your skin to keep it youthful-looking.

4. Better Product Absorption

When you apply your serums and creams, spend just a few more minutes massaging your face as you apply them.

Better absorption is gonna, of course, to provide a better benefit!

Using Tools

Image of facial massage tools

There is a plethora of facial massage tools to choose from out there! The more popular ones include your Jade or Rose Quartz rollers, the Gua Sha, and Cryo Globes.

Although you can pop any of these in the fridge or freezer for a nice cold rub down for your face. The cold alone will help with puffiness, increasing your circulation, and closing your pores for better product absorption.

If you decide to use a tool for massage, they usually come with instructions on the best way to use them. If not, a quick search on YouTube will help.

Diy Facial Massage Techniques

Before performing your massages, you should apply a plant-based oil or you can use your serums to your face, neck, and decollete so your hands and fingers will glide easily.

Lymphatic Drainage

1. Take your first and second fingers and feel for a little node behind your ear lobe by your jaw. Give this just a light massage with those fingers.

Don’t press too hard or you can crush it!

2. Take your hands down the sides of your neck with a little more pressure to push that drainage down. It may be easier to use your hands on opposite sides for this move.

Do this about 5-8 times on each side.

3. For this next move, you will place the pads of your thumbs under your chin. Using a little pressure, push your thumbs toward your ears, staying underneath the jawline.

Repeat the move 5-8 times.


Place your knuckles on each side of your chin. Pressing in, you will use your knuckles to trace from your chin, along your jaw, to your ears. Repeat 5-8 times.

Anti-Aging Face Lifting Massage

1. Place your hands, with your 4 fingers together, on both sides of your chin. Make big circles, use pressure with your fingers, and push up into your cheeks.

2. Use your fingers to make small circles around your mouth. Keep using pressure as you massage.

3. Use your knuckles to push up on your cheeks for a few seconds, then push out toward your ears.

4. Alternating hands, firmly push up on each side of the face.

5. Use 2 fingers to push up on both sides of the mouth up to your nose about 5 times.

6. You will continue with the move above, but you will keep going up in between the eyebrows and across the forehead, still using pressure.

7. Next, you will push up on the eyebrows for a few seconds. Then glide around and down. Use your fingers to get drainage under the eyes, as well.

8. Take the tips of your fingers and move them in opposite directions on the sides of one eye and then the other to help with those crow’s feet. Kind of a crisscross movement.

9. Do the same movement as above across your forehead. First up and down, then side to side. I will even get in between my eyebrows with this movement.

10. Use all of your fingers to firmly push up on your forehead. After repeating it 5-6 times, stop at the hairline and massage those pressure points for a minute.

11. Give your whole face some really big push-ups using both hands firmly.

Finish with some drainage moves by taking your fingers along the hairline, down each side of the face.

Then glide your fingers under your eyes and down the sides of your face.

Finally, make some big smoothing circles down the sides of your neck.

Here’s a video with some facial massages:


A facial massage is easy to include in your skin routine every day. You can use your serums and a tool or you can use a plant-based oil and your own hands and fingers.

Keep doing your massage every day and you will soon see results.

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Have you ever had a professional massage or do you do it yourself? Please let me know in the comments!




6 thoughts on “Can Massaging Your Face Make You Look Younger?

  1. I’ve been doing my own facial massages ever since I bought this cool gadget on TEMU,( I found it works even better when I apply alittle skin cream before use)feels soooooo good&stress seems to disappear.

    1. Applying your creams and serums will definitely help the tool glide better across your face, along with helping them to penetrate your skin more deeply.
      Managing stress is also very beneficial for your whole body, which is a topic I will be covering in depth in a future post.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Wow, I was not aware of this. Well, you learn something new every day. I will start massaging my face every day. Maybe it will make me look younger. I will let you know how it works out. Thank you for this lovely post. I truly do appreciate it. I will be sure to share it with friends and family. 

    1. I am glad you found it useful for you! I massage my face every day while I am doing my regular skin routine. It’s quite simple once you get used to it.

  3. Wow. Anything to replace that poison Botox has to be worthwhile.

    A facial massage that you perform yourself to relieve tension, relax your muscles and drain your lymph nodes is a really great skill to learn. Increasing your circulation is a bonus as your blood will deliver more nutrients to your face’s skin.

    Thank you so much for the DIY techniques.

    I found them all fascinating, but particularly the ant-aging face lifting massage. As we get older, the more help we can get the better.

    I’ll have to go now. I’m going to follow through on all your recommendations. My face thanks you!

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