If you are thinking about taking a more natural approach to your skincare routine, you may not have to go any further than your own kitchen!

As crazy as it may sound, it’s true! The same things that nourish the inside of your body can be used for the outside as well.

The upside to this is not only will it be more natural, but also a lot cheaper! Plus, the majority of these ingredients are found in the expensive brands!

So, just keep reading and I will tell you all about them. And, as an bonus, I have included some recipes at the bottom that you are gonna want to try out!

From the Kitchenpantry items

Castor Oil – I don’t know if you would have this in your kitchen or not, but it should now be somewhere in your home as part of your skincare.

Made from castor beans and antioxidant-rich, it contains fatty acids that help with moisturizing and minimizing wrinkles.

Egg Whites – Contain vitamin A and proteins that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They are also an excellent source of collagen! Separate the yolk from the white, and smooth it onto the face. Allow drying then rinse. Gives an instant, but temporary, tightening effect. The more you do this, the longer-lasting the effects are.

Basil Leaves – Packed with antioxidants. Helps tighten loose skin, soothe wrinkles, help reduce acne, and also lighten complexion.

Raw Honey – Antioxidant, amino acid, and nutrient-rich. Great for exfoliating and moisturizing skin. Manuka honey is recommended, but the darker the better.

Rice – Helps with stimulating collagen production, is skin lightening, and anti-inflammatory. Rice bran can also be used.

Almonds – Provides vitamins A and E and are great for exfoliating.

Full Fat Milk Powder – Replenishes skin’s moisture and provides vitamins A, D, E, and K.hibiscus

Hibiscus – Referred to as a “botox plant” is antioxidant-rich, increases skin’s firmness and elasticity, evens skin tone, and helps retain moisture.

Shea Butter – Great for moisturizing and penetrating skin on a deeper level. Contains vitamins A and E.

Anti Aging Essential Oils

Argan Oil – Antioxidant-rich, good for moisturizing, and contains vitamin E. Helps with acne.

Jojoba Oil – This one is actually liquid plant wax. Helps hydrate and seal moisture in and helps reduce oiliness, which in turn will help with any acne issues.

Evening Primrose Oil – Anti-inflammatory which will reduce redness, lightens skin, and will reduce dark spots, reduces hyperpigmentation, and helps with eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin E Oil – Guess what?! This is another antioxidant and it promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Lavender Oil – Calming and soothing, which you probably already knew, and it heals redness and irritation.essential oil bottle

Carrot Seed Oil – It’s not extracted from carrots, but it does have vitamins A; which help in mending, C; which promotes collagen, and E; which repairs sun damage and scars.

Frankincense Oil – Helps firm and tone skin and is also good for scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Now I listed all the ingredients and what they did for the skin so you would know why they were in the recipes. Now, you have read this much or scrolled all the way down, so here you go…..

Recipes For An Awesome Skin Routine

Exfoliating Cleanser

3 raw almonds

2 tbs. uncooked brown rice or rice bran

1 tsp. full fat milk powder

rose water or tap water

Grind the almonds and rice together into a fine powder and mix with the milk powder. Store in a makeup container with a lid until ready for each use. At the time to wash your face, use a small bowl to combine a small scoop with water until it makes a smooth paste. Massage onto face and neck then rinse and pat dry.

Natural Basil Toner

3 tbs. dried basil leaves

1 cup boiling water

Crush the leaves and add them to boiling water and mix well. Allow cooling. Strain the leaves and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the face and use a cotton ball to spread.

Anti Aging Serum

1/4 oz jojoba oil

1/4 oz evening primrose oil

15 drops vit E oil

20 drops lavender oil

10 drops carrot seed oil

Mix all and store in a dark glass bottle. Use 1-3 drops on the face and neck. Shake well before each use.

Anti Aging Cream

1/4 cup shea butter

2 tbsp. argan oil

essential oil of choice for fragrance

Put shea butter into a small bowl and mash until creamy. Add other oils and mix well. Store in a small jar. Use as a moisturizer.

Anti Aging Face Mask

1/2 tsp. Hibiscus

1 tsp. raw honey

4-5 drops argan oil

Combine all in a bowl and mix well. Apply and leave on for 10 min. Rinse and pat dry. Use weekly.

Note: With natural anti-aging, it may take longer to notice results, however, they will last longer.

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4 thoughts on “How To Take A Natural Approach To Your Skincare

  1. As I am getting older it has become more important to me to use natural products for my skin care routine. It is amazing how many natural ingredients are available to be included in skin care products. I love the recipes you share at the end, and I will certainly be trying them. 

    You mention using egg whites as a tightener, but how often would you recommend one does it to get the benefits? Thank you. 

  2. Great article with some solid suggestions for natural skin care products. I think this topic is especially important today with all the artificial and unnatural ingredients that are in most cosmetic products today. I use to have acne as a teenager and used every skin care product under the sun only to find out that most of them were making my situation worse. Besides home remedies, is there a high quality brand that you recommend?

    1. It really depends on what you are wanting to do for your skin. In general, Olay’s moisture products are great. Truskin vitamin C serum, any retinol serum, and any hyaluronic acid serum are great to use together. Always use sunscreen on your face during the day, especially if you are using retinol!

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