Mother’s Day is on its way and even though carnations may be traditional, make this the year you show her how much sheHappy Mother's Day with flowers really means to you! What better way is there than to pamper mom with some great skincare? If your mom already has a routine that she doesn’t want to part with, then makeup can be the next best thing.

If she is like me and doesn’t wear makeup very often, then some relaxation comes to mind. Or, what mom wouldn’t want a lovely fragrance to uplift her senses?

And, for those on a tight budget, I have found some gifts to show mom just how much you appreciate her.


EvenSkyn Lumo Premium Anti-Aging and Skin Tightening Handset

I know they say to save the best for last but this really deserves to be first on the list. The Lumo is an at-home radiofrequency device that reverses the signs of aging. The radiofrequency waves penetrate into the dermis layer to promote the production of collagen, the main component in anti-aging.

It also has two other anti-aging modes; photorejuvenation and electrical muscle stimulation. The photorejuvenation mode uses red and blue light to increase circulation and production of fibroblast, collagen, and other tissue fibers which will decrease wrinkles.

The electrical muscle stimulation mode, of course, stimulates the muscles of the face and neck which in turn firms the skin. They also have a “60-day money-back guarantee”!

The Evenskyn brand offers other devices for home use as well. They have a hair removal device, an LED Phototherapy face mask, a device for anti-aging the eyelids, an ultrasonic face cleanser and scrubber, and a microcurrent face lifting bar.

Use code Siobhan30 at checkout for a $30 discount!

Nu Face Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit

This device has gained popularity for its ability to deliver instant professional microcurrent and red light therapy results. There have been several customer reviews that were amazed at their skin after the first use.

They also have a Mini Starter Kit that will contour, smooth, tone, and firm skin instantly and over time with continued use.

Meaningful Beauty 5 Piece Starter Set

This set is a complete day and night routine and is very budget-friendly by clicking on the Amazon link above. The products are very luxurious and effective and I do speak from experience. The skin-softening cleanser really does make your skin softer while the serum goes to work on fine lines and wrinkles and increases firmness and elasticity.

This starter kit also has a day cream with SPF 30, an eye cream, and also a night cream with melon extract and retinol. I especially love the products with the melon leaf extract because they smell so good!

Allies of Skin Firming Trio Kit

This is the ultimate firming set that your mom will absolutely love! This is going to give mom a brighter complexion, tighter pores, and of course firmer skin.

The kit contains a firming eye cream with peptides and omegas, firming moisture with peptides and antioxidants, and also a firming oil with CE15 Bakuchiol oil. The oil is what will seal everything in!

Right now Allies of Skin has a buy one get one free sale going for Mother’s Day!

Allies of Skin - We combine Effective and Clinically-Proven Actives into Clean Formulas!

Body Care/ Pampering

Dove Mango and Almond Bath & Body Gift Set

When it comes to body wash, Dove is the best there is. All the Dove products are gentle on your skin and microbiome and with their plant-based moisturizers, your skin is left feeling so soft.

This set comes with body wash, bubble bath, bath bombs, and whipped body cream in the comforting and relaxing scent of mango and almonds. There is also a loofah in the set.

Plant Therapy Top 6 Organic Essential Oil Blends Set

You can’t go wrong with essential oil. This set includes the blends for energy, relaxation, sleep, muscle tension, and immunity. If this is new for your mom, don’t forget the diffuser or the roll-on for the application!

Essential oils also have anti-aging skincare benefits and you can read about that here.

Versace 3 Piece Mini Gift Set

What mom doesn’t like perfume? With this 3 piece variety set, she can choose which one is her favorite. Besides, I don’t think Versace has made a scent that I didn’t love!


Pur 4- in-1 Correcting Primer Energize and Rescue

This primer can be worn alone or with makeup while the skincare ingredients go to work on reducing dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, reducing pores, hydrating, and smoothing the appearance of uneven texture and tone.

Believe me, your mom will appreciate a primer that does all this for her skin. It’s also on the best-seller list!

Love Your Selfie (Trademarked) Longwear Foundation and Concealer (PUR)

As if your mom would need this after using the primer but I figured I would throw it in any way. If you do decide to get this for her, you may want to let her pick out what the site calls her “Purfect match”.

The foundation/concealer has skincare ingredients as well plus the formula doesn’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles. It contains ingredients that also protect the skin from blue light and environmental stressors.

PUR LOGO 400x400

E.L.F. Putty Blush

Cream blush is better for skin that is getting older because it doesn’t settle into creases or fine lines making them more prominent. To help your mom out with more useful makeup tips go here.

Complete the makeup ensemble with an eye pencil, eye shadow, mascara, an eyebrow pencil, and some lip color.

Budget-Friendly Gifts

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

These are for the mom that had rather take a shower than sit in a tub. The wonderful aroma made from pure essential oils will relax almost instantly and ease any stress your mom may have.

The scents included in this 6-piece set are Grapefruit and peppermint, lavender, vanilla, watermelon, and menthol/eucalyptus. These will definitely transform the experience in the shower!

SWOMOG Soft PJ Lounge Set

These come in multiple colors and sizes and are so soft and breathable. The top is long sleeve button down and the long pants have a drawstring waistband. Great for lounging on those lazy days and, of course, for sleeping.

Isotoner Clog Slippers

What better way to get out of bed in the morning than for mom to slip her foot into some soft memory foam? The slippers are made with plush micro terry fabric that has spa-like comfort and warmth. The sole is made for indoor and outdoor use and they are machine washable.

They have several colors to choose from and they do run small, so keep that in mind when choosing the size.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

This is a magnificent way for your mom to style her hair and is such a time saver! With this one tool, she will be able to style, dry, and volumize her hair in one step.

She will have 30% less frizz and reduced hair damage than using a regular blow-dryer. The bristles make detangling super easy and the oval design makes curling or flipping the ends of the hair a breeze. Her curling iron will become obsolete!

Personalized Mothers Birthstone Necklace

You can personalize this necklace with 1-6 names and heart-shaped birthstone pendants. Any mom would absolutely adore this gift!

LeDrail Solar Wind Chimes

Who doesn’t love the sound of wind chimes gently blowing in the breeze? This one is especially unique because of the solar wind design with a crackled glass ball in the center. The best part of the ball is it will light up for 8 hours after charging in the sun for 8 hours.


This list should really help you narrow down what to get your mom or even your grandmother for Mother’s Day. Even if you have a mom that is hard to shop for, something here will make her happy.

To be honest, I always have a hard time finding what to get my mom so making this list helped me as well. I know just what I am going to get her this year!

Please leave your own gift ideas or suggestions below!

6 thoughts on “What To Get Mom Instead Of Flowers For Mother’s Day

  1. Your recommendations for Mother’s Day gifts instead of flowers make a lot of sense. The range of products provides a great deal of choice that will appeal to most moms. I also found that pairing skincare creams and applications with devices that can accelerate the benefit can be very stimulating. 

    Not only are skincare products and devices offered that help with anti-aging, but the environment can also be made soothing using aromatherapy. 

    Great ideas indeed.


  2. I always admire people who take good care of their skin. The firming trio kit caught my attention and it caters for the whole face including the  neck which is a plus for me. How long does it take  for you to see results with firming trio kit? These are indeed interesting gifts for moms, that involves selfcare that I think mom would rather have than flowers. I have checked other items that but notice some are not available.

    1. The timing of the results really depends on your unique skin issues. I know whenever I try anything new, I give it at least one month before I pass any judgment on the product. Not all products take that long but some do work better the longer you use them.

      Which products were not available? I made sure that they were in stock before posting.

  3. Thanks for the great gift ideas for mother’s day. Instead of the same old boring boquet of flowers that wilts and dies in a few days, these gifts mom can enjoy for months or even years to come. As a guy, I often have difficulty in deciding on a gift for mom. I don’t really know what women need or want. But this list gives me a whole new set of options.

    Does the Nu Face Facial toning kit cause any discomfort with use? It says it uses microcurrent, will that cause any mild shocking sensations? 



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