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The skin on your neck is 50% thinner than your face. With your neck and chest constantly being exposed to the sun, you may notice signs of aging in those areas first, especially if you haven’t been using SPF.

The lack of subcutaneous fat in your neck can make it prone to volume loss and loose skin. Dryness may also be a factor because there are fewer oil glands as well.

Even though you may bring your face products down onto your neck, you actually should use a product specifically for the neck and chest. The reason for this is that the products for the neck and chest are thicker and have the needed ingredients to lift and firm any loose skin and also moisturize any dryness you may deal with.

If you are dealing with any of these issues or you want to take preventative measures, keep scrolling to find your solution.


You may be tired of hearing about this by now but protecting your skin from the sun is your number one way of preventing premature aging. This rule goes for all of your skin and especially those areas exposed often. You may be in your 20s but it will show up later if you don’t protect your skin now.

The most recommended sunscreen I have found is Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. This sunscreen is weightless, scentless, and invisible and works for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Just make sure you protect your skin!

Apply and reapply as often as needed.

cartoon sleeping positions

Sleeping Position

You know when you wake up and you may have lines in places where your skin creased, especially your chest? Well, the older you get, the less and less they will fade. Unless you can sleep perfectly on your back and not move, you are going to have those creases somewhere.

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Have no fear, though, there is a product to help with that! SiO Beauty Plunging Neckline pads will hydrate, plump, and tighten the neck and chest while you sleep. These pads will also help prevent future lines and wrinkles from forming.

Take a collagen supplement

As you get older, your body will produce less and less collagen, leading to loose and sagging skin. You can take a collagen supplement in pill or powder form. Personally, I would recommend the pill form because they say the powder is tasteless, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t ruin my coffee.


You don’t want to use harsh abrasives or brushes. Instead, use a cleanser or serum that has glycolic or lactic acid. This will encourage cell regeneration and remove any dirt and dead skin cells.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated will not only help flush toxins out of your body but also keep your skin from becoming dehydrated and dry-looking.

Keep your skin moisturized

Give your neck and chest the same level of attention you give your face. During the day, use your moisturizer and sun protection. At night, you can use retinol and your night cream to keep those wrinkles at bay.

Exercise your neck

Not only will neck exercises help prevent wrinkles from forming, but they will also help to reduce any you may already have. One exercise you can do is sit in a chair and look up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips as if you are going to kiss someone. Then you will stick your tongue out and try to touch your chin with it. Hold for 5 seconds. Do 2 sets of 5 reps, to begin with. You can build up to more if you choose.

Try adding Matrixl to help prevent and reduce wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines.

What if you already have wrinkles?

You will still want to do all of the above. You will just be adding a little “extra” attention to these areas.

While doing the research to find out what products dermatologists recommend, I came across an article about what celebrities use. They priced some of those creams at $400 and up! No matter how great the cream works, you will eventually use it up and have to buy more.

Most products last approximately 1 month, so that’s more money adding up over time! In my opinion, it would make more sense to find a more permanent solution and then purchase a cream to make those results last.

Now, I am not one to encourage anyone to go under the knife unless absolutely necessary. Luckily, there is another solution and you can use it in the comfort of your own home. It’s an at-home radio frequency skin tightening machine from the brand EVENSKYN.

Not very long ago, you would have to go to a clinic for several treatments and pay each time you went. However, the EVENSKYN Lumo isn’t as expensive as you would expect it to be.

It comes with a guarantee you will have noticeable results within 3 weekly uses and a 60-day money-back promise.

What does it do?

First of all, it is scientifically proven to reverse fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and more.

Photorejuvenation- Blue and red LED lights increase circulation and also the production of collagen, fibroblast, and other tissue fibers that will decrease wrinkles.

Radio Frequency- This part promotes the remodeling and growth of collagen from the RF waves penetrating the skin up to 3mm deep and warming the skin layer to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation- This mode delivers minute, precise amounts of micro-current. It firms up the skin by stimulating and firming the muscles of the face and neck.

The EVENSKYN Website also has some very compelling reviews from customers using the device.

Use code Siobhan30 at checkout for a $30 discount!

Creams for neck and décolletage

These are the creams I found to be most recommended by dermatologists that will get you actual results. These creams are formulated especially for the delicate skin of your neck and chest.

1. Skinceuticals Tripeptide-R Neck RepairThis retinol-based cream will firm, tighten, and improve elasticity, smooth necklines, reduce dark spots, correct uneven texture, and strengthen the skin barrier. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

2. StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream#1 selling cream for the neck and chest. Improves skin elasticity and visibly lifts with the breakthrough Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex, ceramides, and peptides. It also smoothes the appearance of those horizontal lines and sagging.

3. Revision Nectifirm AdvancedThis bio technologically advanced blend of ingredients has proven to help contour the neck by firming and smoothing the skin so the neck and jawline appear firmer and lifted. The formula also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crepey skin.

4. IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream Clinically tested to improve the look of horizontal neck lines and boost firmness, smoothness, and elasticity.


Even though prevention is the best way to go, as you can see there are plenty of options to help correct any issues you may face for your neck and chest.

Of course, surgery is an option but I would make it an absolute last resort. Trying the options above is safer, less time-consuming, and more affordable than surgery.

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I look forward to hearing your opinions and questions!



4 thoughts on “This Is How To Make Your Neck And Chest Look Younger

  1. I never realised that the skin on your neck and chest is 50 % thinner and I am very pleased that there is a cream that can rectify the issue.

    I am very fare and have to watch very time I go in the sun I should consider putting on some sun protection because at the moment I don’t. Reading your article I found out that it is very important to protect your skin form the sun especially if you are fare. 

    I did not realise that even sleeping the wrong way can cause lines on your neck but I was pleased to find out that the SiO Beauty Plunging Neckline pads can help with that problem. 

    This was certainly and interesting article. 


    1. Thank you, I am glad you found it interesting and helpful. To be honest, until I started doing research for my blog I didn’t realize how much damage the sun did to our skin, whether we get sunburned or not.

  2. I have always used my face products and moisturisers on my neck, as I assumed that was the best way. So this is a really helpful post about moisturizing my neck and chest and using products that are specifically formulated to treat them. 

    I have never heard of pads that you can wear at night time to hydrate, plump and tighten the skin in the neck and chest. So how does one use them? And how do you prevent them from moving when you are sleeping? 

    i will certainly check out the radio frequency skin tightening machine from Evenskyn, as I am sure it will help my aging skin. Can one also use this on your face, or is it only for the neck and chest? Thank you. 

    1. The EvenSkyn machine is specifically designed for the face, neck, and chest and I am sure you will be pleased with the results. 

      As for the anti-aging pads, they are similar to the under-eye patches in the way that they will stick to you. Since they stick to you, they shouldn’t move while you are sleeping.

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