If you have ever had a pimple or two and used a patch to dissolve quickly, then you probably wondered where they were when you were a teenager. They are amazing!

Now, wrinkle patches are taking the world by storm. But will the wrinkle patches perform the same magic by making them disappear?

I mean, wrinkles are a little more complicated than a pimple, right?

So I tried a couple of these for myself, and to my surprise, they worked! Although, it differed from what I expected.

Wearing them overnight, I did wake up to smooth skin in the morning. However, as the day went on, I noticed those results to be temporary.

As with any skincare ingredient, the promise is the longer you use it the better the results.

How do wrinkle patches work?types of patches on different parts of the face

In case you’re wondering what the hell a wrinkle patch is, it can be adhesive silicone or paper that sticks to your skin to keep it in place. Along with making your skin stay put, they deliver ingredients into your skin to counteract signs of aging.

There are different sizes and shapes for areas of the face, neck, and chest that are most prone to wrinkles.

The patches also lock in moisture to keep your skin hydrated. And wearing them while you sleep will help creases from forming during the night.

You can use them for the prevention of wrinkles or the improvement of them.

What benefits do wrinkles patches provide?

Wrinkle patches are not a new thing, although social media has gone nuts over them like they are. They have actually been around for quite a while!

They will provide immediate results, but it’s only temporary. However, with continued use, the results get better in the long run. Like with any skincare product, you need to give them at least 30 days for your skin cells to turn over.

So, they are great for a quick fix, but they also require a commitment.

Besides reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, they are easy to use, can be done at home, are non-invasive, and will treat a variety of wrinkles.

What skincare ingredients are in a wrinkle patch?

First, not all wrinkle patches have skincare ingredients. Some types of patches, such as Frownies, are just for holding your skin in place to help smooth out any creases or keep them from forming.

Now other patches, like Peace Out or RoChave skincare ingredients that soak into your skin while you wear them. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Patches contain hyaluronic acid, firming peptides, and America’s #1 Most- Awarded Retinol. 

Peace Out Wrinkle Patches contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol, and vitamin C to smooth out your wrinkles or fine lines.

Go even deeper with your skincare using LED. Read my review here.

How to choose a wrinkle patch

Even though wrinkle patches are safe for all skin types, if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to test an area of your skin first. 

If you choose a patch with retinol and have never used it before, test a small area of your skin as well.

Also, it’s helpful to consider the following when choosing a patch:

  • Type of wrinkle you are treating
  • Size of the patch
  • The adhesive on the patch                                                      
  • Price of patch                                                                                   
  • If it has skincare ingredients or not

How to use a wrinkle patch

If you are like me and have a routine for morning and night, I have a couple of tips for you.

First, if you are only wanting to use the patches for a couple of hours, then just cleanse and pat dry your skin before applying the patch.

If you decide to use them overnight, which will provide the best results, then do your routine as usual, but you need to let your skincare products absorb thoroughly or the patches will not stay in place.

Should you try wrinkle patches?

Of course, you should!

They are relatively inexpensive, you can use them at home, you can wear them for any type of wrinkle, they are easy to use and non-invasive, and they also can provide immediate results.

There’s no downside to giving the patches a go!

Wear them overnight to wake up in the morning wrinkle-free!

Just do me one favor. Come back here and tell me about your experience, please!


4 thoughts on “Unlock The Power Of Wrinkle Patches And Achieve A Smoother, More Youthful Look Today!

  1. I really like reading this article. I was just hoping you would include some pictures! I would have loved to see how it looked. Now I had to Google it. I am quite interested in trying some wrinkle patches. Do you have some advice on which brands are the best and in what price range? Do you use it daily? 

    1. I don’t use them daily, even though you can. Frownies are more like tape to hold your skin in place while you sleep. RoC and Peace Out have skincare ingredients in them that soak into your skin while wearing them.

  2. This is great news- wrinkle patches for ageing skin. This is something I really wanted with my skin!

    Can you explain a bit more on how to use the patches on a small portion of the skin?

    I intend to use one and will leave my experience once I have done with it. I am sharing this article with friends and relatives for greater reach.

    Thanks for writing such a useful and informative article.



    1. The patches come in different shapes and sizes or you cut them to fit the area you are wanting to treat.

      Thank you!

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